RSC Solutions partners with

RSC Solutions partners with
Alliance brings increased efficiency to the candidate interview process

RSC Solutions is excited to announce that we have partnered with to provide vetted quality candidates with high fidelity. It further strengthens our commitment to candidate quality for our customers and brings transparency in the process. Now the hiring managers can review the candidate competency data upfront to decide and know exact areas to focus during the interview. We are looking forward to serving our existing clients better and helping many more with the power of technology.

About Glider is a state-of-the-art competency evaluation platform that enables teams to hire more with less work. It brings scale in the hiring operation and frees up recruiters to do the human things – building and engaging the talent community! Glider is used extensively by large enterprises and top recruitment agencies alike. It has enabled customers to (1) increase the pool of vetted candidates by making it more scalable (2) eliminate bias and increase diversity and (3) increase efficiency and improve the placement rates by 3X.

Glider’s unique approach of Total Talent Quality brings transparency at the center of the talent ecosystem for the contingent workforce. With 1 Billion+ evaluations completed, Glider is a robust competency evaluation platform that evaluates candidates for all types of job roles – Technology, Data Science, Customer Support, Agile Project Management, Call Center, and many more. More specifically, for technology skills, Glider auto-evaluates candidates on 100+ technologies with real-world projects that accurately emulate the tasks which candidates have to perform on the job. With 30+ interactive, auto-scored question types (coding, simulations, drag-n-drop, video, heatmap, comprehension, code drop-down, etc.), Glider can assess candidates holistically for core skills, aptitude, analytical, situational judgment, and behavioral traits. Our built-in proctoring and advanced proprietary technology ensure integrity in the process and results in skill evaluation with high fidelity.

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