About Us

Delivering exceptional services and achieving the best results

Our Story

We are a premier provider of Talent Solutions, Managed Services, Outsourcing and Customized IT Functions

We partner with clients to bring them talented professionals and advanced business solutions. Through our nationwide recruiting organization and extensive network of skilled candidates, we offer field-specific experience to augment your workforce and supply the tools necessary to achieve your goals. Certified professionals, experienced network engineers, and seasoned consultants from numerous industries are prepared to join your team and move your business forward. Clients benefit by leveraging these dedicated specialists to gain the profound knowledge and cutting-edge insight needed to meet today’s biggest challenges.

RSC helps candidates grow their careers by finding jobs they love. Since 1997 we have been placing qualified professionals in their ideal positions. Our recruiting experts work with applicants to understand their skill sets and career goals and provide them with opportunities to excel.

Our Managed Services and Global Capabilities carried out by onsite, remote, and offshore delivery teams set RSC Solutions apart from the crowd. Clients offload essential technology operations that cannot be performed efficiently in-house, allowing their employees to focus on their core business strategy. This innovative, multi-dimensional approach allows RSC Solutions to provide unique tailored outsourcing solutions that fulfill business requirements and surpass client expectations.

Our Approach

We know that the user is in the center of every business.

Partnering with us will transform your business into a more agile organization. By leveraging our global recruiting and staffing services, clients can grow their teams and enhance their productivity. Our Managed Services and Global Capabilities allow clients to align technology mandates with business objectives. All the while minimizing staffing and IT costs, ensuring quality, and bringing more focus to your core business and bottom line.

Strong Team

The ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients begins with our team of experienced professionals. These individuals bring energy, new ideas, and pride to their work. Meet the RSC team…